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Southern Hound in a Northern Land

It is rare here in Vancouver that we get much snow in the winter. I don't say this to flaunt our moderate temperatures to the rest of Canada (I've spent a significant time living in Alberta and truly appreciate the rigours of winter living for a majority of Canadians), but when we did get some flakes this year, it was well timed over the holiday season. My partner Tom was up visiting from California with his Baja dog "Sunny", one of the original inspirations for Rambling Hound, and we got to enjoy a bit of an unexpected winter wonderland!

Just before they had to depart south again, we spent a fun afternoon at one of our favourite local areas, Fraser River Park, and Sunny got her wiggle on in the last remnants of snow. A bit of any icy affair for this photographer, I returned home rather exhausted from all of the slippery hiking (and hoping desperately that I wouldn't slip and smash my camera) but was so in love with what I captured that all of the sore, tense muscles slowly melted into nothing but joy as I cruised through my downloaded images.

Let me know in the comments below where your favourite places are to take your rambling hounds :)

*If you haven't checked it out, Fraser River Park, located just North across the river from the YVR airport, is a beautiful, dog friendly place filled with fun little nooks and crannies to explore with your dog. Stay tuned for more images from this park coming this spring when the fields burst with tiny daisies and the boardwalk foliage comes to life!

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