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Stock Up For Rescue

Join our Pet Model Database and Help Raise Money for Animal Rescue Organizations!

As a stock video model, your pet will be featured in a variety of short 15-60 second video clips captured during their session. These clips will then be edited and uploaded to a reputable stock videography site where they can be purchased for commercial use.

But here's the best part...

10% of all sales from every clip purchased will be donated to a rescue organization of your choice from our list.

So what is Stock Video?

Stock video, also called stock footage or b-roll, is a piece of video content, a clip or shot (normally shorter than 1 minute) inserted into a larger video production that was not shot specifically for said production.

That sounds great, Heather,  but what's in it for me?

*For every session you participate in, you'll receive 3 professionally edited portrait images of your pet you can share online.

*25% OFF of all RHP Print Products for images from that session.

*3 trees will be donated to reforestation projects through our partner ONE TREE PLANTED for every session completed.

*Your pet will also be featured in an end-of-year highlight film to celebrate all of the participants who helped STOCK UP FOR RESCUE!

Bottom line, the more sessions you complete, the more clips are uploaded, and the more money we can potentially raise for rescue!

How it works in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Fill out the form here -> and I'll send you some more details about the program. If your pet is a good fit, they'll be added to our model database.

2. You'll be notified monthly via email and members' Facebook Group as to when and where the next stock sessions will be taking place.

Let me know within 72 hours of the session date if you're available and I'll get you booked in

3. Sessions will last about 45-60mins. Then you're done! Sit back and relax, while you wait for your year-end summary of how your clips performed!

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Let's Get Started

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