1. Book Your Session

 When you feel you are ready to book your session, simply click the Booking Inquiry button below to get started. Session dates are available Tuesdays and Thursday-Saturday.  Sessions are performed during afternoon hours as this is when outdoor lighting is often the most beautiful.  

After your initial enquiry, I will forward you a Booking Proposal wherein you'll choose your date, your session location, sign your Pet Photography Agreement, and complete your payment to lock in your selected date.   


*In the case of terminally ill pets, every effort will be made to schedule their sessions as soon as possible.  


2. Session Prep

Within 10 days of your session date, I will be forwarding along some info to help you prepare for your session, as well as a questionnaire to help me get to know your pet(s) a little better.

3. Session Day Is Here!

Now it's time for us to have some fun!  Depending on the energy level and personality of your pet, we'll take the time to ease into our session with a positive meet and greet.  We may need to work off some of their wiggles (if not done prior) before we get down to the actual photography.


As the pet's owner, staying calm and relaxed during the session will result in a more positive experience all around for both you and your pet and give us the best opportunity to create a stunning gallery of images full of joy and fun!  Leave it to me to bring the best out of your pet while you both enjoy the experience.

4. Choose Your Products

After our session is complete, we will arrange a date for your online Viewing and Product Selection Consultation.  At this time you will get to view fully retouched images along with product samples as we choose an artwork collection customized to suit you.

After placing your order and paying in full, you can expect to receive your ordered items within 4-6 weeks depending on products purchased.  For local clients, I will deliver your order to your home and arrange a hands-free transfer of goods.  For those out of town, your products will be shipped to you (shipping fees will apply.)

Now it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful new images of your gorgeous pet as they grace the walls of your cozy home!  And as the newest member of the Rambling Hound family, you are now eligible for special "Pack" promotions, referral bonuses, and more!

If you have any further questions, please contact me here.

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Contact: info@ramblinghound.com