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Magnified Grass


Best Practices

Here are some of the changes and updates I'll be employing over the coming months to ensure the health and safety of all clients moving forward:

• Using a long lens for photography which allows us to maintain a sufficient amount of space between camera and subject to adhere to current safety protocols.

• I (the photographer) will wear a mask in cases where social distancing can not be maintained.

• With outdoor photography, we are offered much more opportunity for space and social distancing during sessions.  I will continue to seek out the best areas within our location to minimize contact with fellow users of these spaces.  I encourage clients, if at all possible, to schedule their sessions on weekdays as locations will contain far less people.

• I will be providing a Sanitation Station at my vehicle which will provide a means to wash hands and apply provided hand sanitizer should you need it.

• For clients experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms within 30 days of your session date, I will work to reschedule your shoot to a later date.


• All post-session Viewing and Product Selection Consultations will be performed online. 


If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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