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Magnified Grass
Heather MacNeill - professional pet photographer in Vancouver, Canada.
Heather MacNeill. Professional pet photographer creating images during a photo session.
Flame point siamese cat resting on towel.

The Photographer
& Videographer

Hi, my name is Heather MacNeill, and I have had a deep affection for animals my entire life.  Poring through my grandparents' National Geographics as a kid and cozying up on Saturday afternoons to watch 'Wild, Wild World of Animals' on PBS, I was in my happy place. Several cats, dogs, gerbils, and fish filled our home over the years and as a teenager, I landed my first volunteer job working on a horse farm as a groom for the summer.  I was in heaven!  


After completing my Bachelor's degree in Film Studies and Production at UBC, I became a union camera department member working in the local commercial film industry.  With all of its lessons in discipline and determination, I learned a great deal about the creative process.  Flash forward to 2012, after a few years of taking time off to travel and pursue other industries, a 3 month RV trip to Baja, Mexico reignited a passion in me once again. A little street dog named 'Sunny' rolled into our lives and I had a very profound aha! moment in which I was determined to work with animals in whatever capacity I could.  Missing photography, I had discovered through my research the phenomenal world of modern, natural light pet photography and I was hooked!  I also knew returning to photography and filmmaking would offer great opportunities to give back and highlight the amazing work that our local animal rescues and sanctuaries do to provide the best lives possible for those animals who get forgotten or lose their way.  I am also highly motivated to provide services and products which will bring joy to clients, capturing the adventure filled years of their pet's lives, as well as healing when those beautiful little souls must heartbreakingly move on.  Dedicated to continually honing my craft and exploring new avenues of creativity, I look forward to working with all of you who share the same ridiculous enthusiasm for animals as I do.         


When not running through the woods with camera in hand, you can find me in the water on my paddleboard or planning my next travel adventure.  I have a voracious appetite for learning new skills and thrive on challenging myself a little everyday.  Yoga is my therapy and my rescued Mexi-cat 'Clutch', will forever inspire my creative journey.  Miss you, kiddo...

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